Abrahamadeen (897 A.D-960 A.D) was the founder of Wadiya and the ancestor of Haffaz Aladeen, the current ruler of Wadiya. Abrahamadeen was born in a tribal village of Arab decent. After his father, Ivan bin Abrahamadeen died in 918 A.D, Abrahamadeen declared the tribe "House of Aladeen" and changed his name to Abrahamadeen bin Sultan al Aladeen. In 921 A.D He conquered the seaside fishing village of Zuma and renamed it the Aladeen Emirate of Zuma with him as Emir. During that decade, he conquered all his opponents territory and by 934, he had conquered all of what is now Wadiya. To avoid being a dual monarchy, he united the Sultanate of Wadiya with the Aladeen Emirate of Zuma to the Wadiyan Empire. He began invading Kenya being the first Arab to invade territory but in 942 he was pushed back by local African tribes.