Dictator kingsley 300w

Tamir is the uncle of Haffaz Aladeen. He was going to be a dictator until Aladeen was born and took power. When he went to america with Aladeen he hired a man named Clayton to kidnap Aladeen and kill him, but he shaved off his beard for free. This lead to Clayton getting killed and Aladeen escaped but the damage in Claytons room made Tamir believe that Aladeen was dead and didn't have to pay Clayton. Tamir went to the next stage of his plan to manipulate the idiot double of Aladeen, Alison Burgers to act as Aladeen into believing he was to sign the treaty which would lift the sanctions that the UN has placed on Wadiya which would allow foreign investors to pay for the oil reserves. Tamir is portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley.