Grand advisor, Tamir Aladeen was the brother to the god of Wadiya, Omar Aladeen, and the uncle of Supreme leader Haffaz Aladeen. Tamir was the foreign minister of the country, and rarly had any say in the run of the country. That role was made by orders of the chief adviser, Omar and Haffaz, (though he thought it was his annoying tutor.)

Chief Advisor Edit

After the hunting accident of his brother, who was dying of 97 stray bullets, and the close friends he had were dead, or missing. Tamir was hoping due to his nephew being seen by many as a naive fool, e would be made Omar's successor.

After 12 hours his brother made a decision, until the chief adviser told him to make Haffaz his successor. His son took a while to decide as he was with his maids. The decision also meant Haffaz was not to sell Wadiya's oil, something to which Tamir wanted to do to make the country rich and wealthy.

However, to Tamir satisfaction, Tamir shot the chief adviser because he argued with his father, and Tamir was made in rush and just asked to be made chief adviser. His nephew agreed, and immediately changed the Wadyia salute to kissing armpits, to prove their loyalty to their supreme leader.