Republic of Wadiya Wadiyan
جمهورية وديع الاشتراكية
Motto: Death to the West!!!!
Anthem: Long Live Wadiya
Royal anthemLong Live Wadiya
Wadiya City
(and largest city)
Wadiya City
Official language(s) Wadiyan Arabic
Recognised national languages Wadiyan Arabic
Recognised regional languages English, North African Arabic
Ethnic groups (2017) Wadiyan Arabic 59%, Wadiyan Sub-Saharan 26%, Mixed ethnicities %15
Demonym Wadiyan
Government Federal Two-Party Democratic Semi-Presidential Republic
 -  President & Prime Minister Hafez Aladeen
 -  Supreme Leader Abrahamadeen
 -  Founded 934 A.D. (1017 B.A.) 
 -  Ottoman Occupation 1345 A.D 
 -  British Occupation 1940(33 B.A.) 
 -  Independance Declared 934 1945(28 B.A.) 
 -  Dictatorship established 1962 (19 B.A.) 
 -  Current Democratic Constitution 2012 (31 Aladeen) 
 -  Total 228,898 sq kms km2 
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Currency Wadiyan Gold ($) (WGD)
Time zone East African Time (UTC+3)
Date formats B.A. (Before Aladeen)

Information Edit

Wadiya is a country in North East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean to the east, Djibouti to the northwest and Ethiopia to the west.

Wadiya was founded by Abrahamadeen in 934 (or 1039 B.A.) and has since been subject to colonization and coups, up until 11 B.A., after which the modern day single-party lead government was established under the rule of Supreme Leader Omar Aladeen. Since then, the country has been under the strict rule of the Aladeen Dynasty.

As a result, the Western states became increasingly critical of the supreme leader, His Excellency Hafez Aladeen, who succeeded his father after legislative elections voted him as president with 99.999% of the vote. Due to his dangerous allegiance with nations such as North Korea, international relations and foreign investment in Wadiya has plummeted.

Despite what the Media says, Aladeen believes in equal rights for all men.

Under the Aladeen regime, the country has become a major tourist attraction in Africa, with several landmarks such as the Great Aladeen Palace and the 1017-year-old gold statue of Abrahamadeen, it has been recast as a statue of Hafez Aladeen due to public outcry. Due to the lack of foreign investment, Aladeen has unsuccessfully attempted to offer 100,000 square kilometers of desert land to countries wishing to test missiles or to dump chemical waste. After Aladeen declared the end of the dictatorship, Wadiya has transformed into a federal parliamentary democratic republic with Hafez Aladeen himself holding the title of both the President and Prime Minister.


Wadiya has the world's 3rd largest GDP because it has the world's most oil reserves, and ventures into deep space resulted in large quantities of precious chemical like uranium being discovered. It is also the only country in the world that has the capability to shake gold from anything thanks to the giant gold rush. The Wadiyan people are known to be the richest in the world. Every person who is a citizen of the Socialist Republic of Wadiya gets a free mansion and a Lamborghini. Layth is the next supreme leader of Wadiya in the 2019 election.

Land UseEdit


A vast desert in Wadiya.

Wadiya is 1,028,898 Square kms or 182,928 Square Aladeens. The desert is used as an international dump, for genocide victim, used nuclear fuel or chemical waste. The Wadiyan Forest is also surprisingly small, as it only contained thirty trees until 2012, to which the forest doubled in size to sixty trees right after Aladeen planted an olive tree. Now there are more trees in Wadiya than before. In 2015 Aladeen has turned the forest and Aladeen Desert into a national park called the Aladeen Park Desert Reserve. Aladeen said in a speech, "I hope that future generations that will definitely be 99.9 boys all get to see the wonders of Wadiya as I see them today. We just put 100 Aladeen Gold Ants in the Wadiyan Forest''.

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